I Used To Feel Everything

by Downstream

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A year's worth of work has resulted in I Used To Feel Everything. If you were with us since we released As Winter Fades Away, found out about us through the "Snowing" video, or simply just heard about us recently: thank you. This band has always been a cathartic outlet for all of us and that is what it will continue to be. We sincerely thank you for appreciating this little band and we hope you enjoy I Used To Feel Everything.


released November 26, 2015

Producing/Mixing: Sam Guaiana

Mastering: Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions

Daniel Walton - Vocals
Evan Alfano - Drums/ Vocals
Corbin Giroux - Guitar/Vocals
Nick Consoli - Bass
Adrian Barna - Guitar



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Downstream Hamilton, Ontario

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Track Name: A Formal Reply
It's hard to extend a formal reply to you right now and I don't know why.
So tell me what am I to do, when you won't make the first move.
You're spending every day killing yourself.

You'll fade away.
Wait here.
There's something missing, there's something wrong.
I can see it in her eyes.
You're so far from everything you used to be.
Now you mean nothing to me.

What do you want from me?
There's nothing more that I can do
I've done everything I can.
What do you want from me?
Track Name: Infrequent Moments Of Clarity
I've been losing sleep over every word I'm yet to say to you.
Just give me one more day, I swear I'll get through to you eventually.
It's all in my head, and it's always been a problem to put things on the page, and it's killing me today.

Cut me open, force feed me lies.
I know I won't be fine, it's not the first time you've wrapped these words into the noose around my neck.

So here's the truth.
I swore I'd never fake another smile in your photographs, yet here I am.
I've stained these pages of the album you look through every year.
I think you shed a tear.

Cut me out of everything.
Cut me out of everything I've ever known.
This isn't what I ever needed.
I'm sick and tired of your forced sympathy.

So here's the truth, you've wrapped these words into the noose around my neck.
Here I am, I'm swinging in your fucking closet.
Come open these doors when you please, you'll find my lifeless body, hanging right in front of you.
Wake me when you fucking need me.
Track Name: Substance
Gather together my deepest fears.
See what's inside this body of broken bones.
Let their gaze pierce my skin.
Let them in.

Just let me die a little more, before I leave this place for good.

It's like playing a game...
Playing games you know you'll never win.
You could join me, and we could drown together.
If that's not your thing, you'll have to let me go.

On again, I'm feeling broken.
I think I'll stare into the sun until I lose my sight, just show me something beautiful.

We all long to wear out the things that we love, but we'd never mean to break them.

Sedate me, lay me on my back, and put me to sleep.
Infiltrate me, put me to rest.
Just let me die a little more.
Track Name: I Used To Feel Everything
I'm standing with my feet in the dirt.
I see that I'm getting nowhere.
Looking back, I can see I needed nothing more than a simple change of scenery.
This place is getting old, and soon enough you'll see it too.
I used to feel everything.

Looking back on this past year, it's made me see that I'm so forgettable.

Why do I see everything as negative?
All I know, is that everything you said never helped with anything.

I'll tell you everything that's wrong with myself.
Drag me around until there's nothing left.

I just need some time to clear my head.
Forget everything that's been happening instead.
Everything will always be temporary.

I used to see the world so beautiful and free, but now it's taken away everything from me.
I used to use my eyes to see, now I rely on the people around me.

I used to feel everything.